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    Space Bouncer

    Well it’s not a space themed bouncy castle like our Star Wars Themed Bouncy Castle option, it’s not even something that we as Ontario’s Bounce House and entertainment rental company can offer. But it’s still SO COOL.

    NASA is sending an ‘inflatable bounce house’ to the ISS soon. It’s part of an experiment to create new living space for future missions to other planets and to give ample habitation in long term space missions.

    The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module or BEAM test capsule when inflated will provide a 10.5 by 13 foot space that can also withstand solar and cosmic radiation, space debris, UV radiation and all the other nasty stuff that comes with space travel. The TSSA rating on this must be nuts!

    Here’s a video of how the ISS Space Arm will install BEAM.

    Here’s hoping that this experiment is a success. We’re getting closer to bouncy castles on Mars. With that low gravity, kids are going to be jumping pretty high.