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    IAAPA Expo 2015 IAE15

    This week is the IAAPA Expo down in Orlando Florida, and our team went down to check out what’s new and cool in the world of amusement rides and entertainment. There was a lot to look and and enjoy. Here’s what we found to be super fun and interesting.

    VR IS IN!

    Virtual Reality was everywhere this year. Many exhibitors had VR attractions, Rides that integrate VR into their rides or displays that were completely VR and interactive. Twitter is all a buzz from all the Virtual Reality abound at IAAPA this year. The question is, will it stick around?


    Fright is might.

    Successful franchises always get turned into top rides. The popular “The Walking Dead” franchise looks as though it’s heading down that creepy road to zombie town as well. Not to mention all the other zombie related rides like zombie track paintball. As fans of the TV series, we’re looking forward to seeing this ride in action. We’re just hoping it’s closer to Canada.  


    Games are still important.

    In a world where things are getting bigger and badder, it’s nice to see that companies still see the value in producing smaller and more accessible activities. Airhockey, Pool, Ball Pong Games and the popular Giant Pac-Man.


    Customized Everything.

    Technology is making it easier to tailor entertainment experiences based on every individual’s prefernces. From gum ball machines that deliver personal marketing to you while providing you with sweet treat and rides that you “create” on your own, the bars are being raised. It may be soon where everyone has quite a different experience from everyone else.  



    Looks to be one of the biggest attractions of the Expo this year. Dubbed the Robocoaster is a giant robotic arm, similar to those used on assembly lines with a 2 person coaster seat on the end. Watch it and see for yourself.