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    Creepy Clowns: Nope, not here!

    If you’ve been paying attention to the media recently, there have been numerous stories about creepy clowns terrorizing neighbourhoods around North America. Primarily in the US and some reports in Canada. CTV news reported that “In Nova Scotia… a woman in her car turned down a side street to avoid one clown, only to be surrounded by five more who stood an simply stared at her.”

    Famous Youtubers such as Philip Defranco (Here’s his youtube vidoe reporting on said creepy clowns) have provided a guide on how to deal with all clowns. He recommends a 3 step approach to dealing with this situation.

    What to do if you come across creepy clowns:

    Step 1: Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
    Step 2: If you see a clown. “Nope Out”. Just back away and say nope.
    Step 3: If it is too late, and you are in the presence of a clown, accept your fate.

    Of course, this three step guide is joke made by Mr. Defranco. With creepy clowns trending on social media and mainstream media, there are sure to be copy cats popping up more in various areas. Report suspicious activities to your local authorities especially if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. It’s most likely if you come across one of these creepy clowns that they are just someone to get some laughs, but it is always better to steer on the safe side and never approach an unkown clown.

    As your local entertainment provider, we do have a large selection of entertainers for your events. Some of which are clowns. We have clowns for birthday parties, clowns that do balloon twisting and tell jokes. Even some that do magic. Our clowns are also friendly and funny. Not scary at all. Unless you are truly coulrophobic. In that case we recommend going for a bouncy castle.

    UPDATE: It seems as though the creepy clowns have arrived in Niagara. The St. Catharines Standard reports that in Welland a single clown has been spotted standing on the Main Street Bridge. Niagara Regional Police have issued statements in this article, reiterating the points above.

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