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    Promotional Items

    • Cash Cube Money Machine

      Cash Cube Money Machine




      Birthday Price:

      Recommended Age Any Age!
      Power Requirement 2 Outlets
      Recommended Attendants 1
      Dimensions 6' x 6' x 9'

      Step inside this easy to use unit while a whirlwind of air kicks up cash (real or otherwise), coupons, or gift certificates. High visibility. Great for promotional events, store openings, Stag and Does, even company picnics.

      Recommended Addons
    • Fubble Machine

      Fubble Machine


      $99 - additional solution is $25 per litre
      Power Requirement 1



      Our Fubble Machine is a truly one of a kind experience! Use this 4-in-1 machine to bring bubbles, fog, lights, or a custom combination of the three to your next event!

      Our machine can be hooked up to your soundboard to pump out bubbles, fog and lights to the beat. Or you can set it up on a time interval, or blast away with our manual remote!

      This rental is perfect for all events. Weddings, Dance Parties, Halloween, Valentines Day…. Next time you need to bring a magical experience to your celebration, think FUBBLE MACHINES!

      Rental comes with 1L of Fog Solution and 1L of Bubble Solution. Solution will last 30 minutes if run non-stop. Additional solution can be purchased for $25/L

      • Huge Quantity Bubbles Filled With White Fog, With Color Changing LEDs To Creat A Beautiful Magic Effects!
      • Output:10000 Cu.Ft/Min
      • DMX with Backlit Digital LCD Controls
      • First Warm-Up Time: 6 Minutes



      SAFETY LINKS!: NI Bubble Safety

      NI Fog Safety



      Recommended Addons
    • Giant Inflatable Arch

      Giant Inflatable Arch



      Power Requirement 1 Outlet
      Dimensions Dia. 3' x 30' W x 20' H (Outside). 21' W x 16 H (Inside).

      A great alternative to balloon arches. Strong enough to hang a banner. Great for an entrance to your event, a corporate picnic, a store front promotion, or a race starting/finish line for the big race! the list goes on…

      Recommended Addons
    • Printing Station

      Printing Station


      $99 per hour
      Power Requirement 1

      Sometimes, it is not always easy to capture the perfect moment at a busy event. Thank goodness we all have a pocketful of our favourite memories with us at all times!

      Our mobile print station brings professional grade photo printing to you and your guests. Connect to our printer via the printer’s very own wifi signal, and print away right from your phone’s gallery!

    • Prize Wheel with 10 Slots

      Prize Wheel with 10 Slots




      This mini prize wheel entertains guests. Ideal for trade shows, promotions, fundraisers and stag and does. This wheel features a 10 slot design and is only 14″ in diameter yet has a big effect on attracting people.

      Download Prize Wheel Template

    • Rainbow Foam Arch

      Rainbow Foam Arch


      $200 + solution
      Power Requirement 1
      Recommended Attendants 1
      Dimensions 4'x13'x9'

      Without further ado, our new 10′ Inflatable Rainbow Foam Arch! A perfect addition to any water fun activity day, pool party, mud runner, and so much more. Use it as a standard inflatable arch for your start and finish line, or take advantage of the foam production for a whole new level of WOW!

      This 10′ inflatable arch drops foam from the peak of the arch

      -Rental come with 6 bottles of solution. Additional solution available for $15/bottle

      -1 bottle of solution will mix with water to fill the provided 70L barrel

      -Foam Arch will fill a 13’x13’x4′ space in approximately 10 minutes. Windy conditions may extend these times.

      -70L will last approx 15 minutes total run-time.

      Recommended Addons
    • Sky Dancer

      Sky Dancer


      Power Requirement 1 Outlet
      Dimensions 18' high, 2' Dia.

      Rent our Sky Dancing Man for your grand opening, event or promotion, or socially distant celebration!


      Recommended Addons
    • Wine Barrels

      Wine Barrels


      Recommended Age NA
      Power Requirement NA

      Our wine & whiskey barrels make for an elegant, budget friendly addition to your next event or wedding! Use the barrels as a decorative prop piece, doorstop, cocktail table, or add a live edge slab or standard table top for a ‘Barrel Bar’, dessert table, and so much more!

      Recommended Addons