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Look Whats New This SEASON!

Check Out What’s NEW!!

We have a bunch of new units this year! Niagara Inflatables  has over 175 products in our inventory and we continue to expand! We look to find great products so that we can create memorable birthdays parties for children all over! Check out our NEW products!

Are you pulling the barbecue out for the long weekend?? Check out this recipe for Garlic Steak and Potato Skewers!

1 pound of sirloin steak cut into 1 inch cubes
2 crushed cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons of salt               
2 teaspoons of pepper                                                   
2/3 lb of potatoes, cooked and halved                         
 1 chopped red onion                                                         
6 bamboo skewers
1) In a bowl, season the steak with garlic, salt and pepper, and stir thoroughly
2) On a soaked bamboo stick, skewer on the seasoned steak, potatoes and onions
3) Repeat until all skewers are full
4) On a coal barbecue, cook the skewers for 2-3 minutes on each side for medium rare and 4-5 minutes for well done
5) Ready to Enjoy!

Ten Camping Tips for Beginners


1) Make sure your tent is big enough! Often new campers find themselves in a crowded tend! You do not want a small tent to take away from your first camping experience!

2) Use a checklist! It is easy to forget essential items for your camping trip.

3) Plan your meals! New campers do not always put enough thought into meals throughout the trip and it is never fun to run out of food! Ensuring all meals are planned means that no one is forced to do a trip to the grocery store half way through the trip!

4) Tour the area! This way you will become familiar with the rules and everything your campground has to offer!

5) Bring clothes that fit the weather! If it is going to rain, have an umbrella! If it is going to be chilly, bring warm clothes!

6) Bring extra everything! It is always better to gave extra than to run out.. No one wants to run out of toilet paper!

7) Watch the weather! Try and pick a weekend that will be full of sunshine!

8) Do a scavenger hunt! A scavenger hunt is a great way to explore and take great pictures to bring home after the trip!

9) Bring games to play as a group! It is always fun to play games together during the trip.

10) Turn off your phone! Have fun, spend time together, and don’t worry about your electronics for a few days!




Family Day FunZone 2018

It’s back! Our annual Family Day FunZone is on!

Join Niagara Inflatables for our Annual Family Day FunZone. This year it will be in support of the Education Foundation of Niagara. ​The event will be held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre located at 6815 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON, L2G 2A6.

From 11 am​ ​- 4 pm you can bounce on our biggest bouncy castle​s​, ​try out our giant obstacle course​, slide down the 20′ Challenger Slide and try our Fantasy Sports Games.

We will also have other great activities such as face painting​ and browse​ our vendor zone​. $15 per child (4-12 years) $5 per adult (13+).

Proceeds are donated to the Education Foundation of Niagara. Continue reading Family Day FunZone 2018

Fun For All Sale 2017

Treat yourself by saving money on your 2018 event. It can be either Corporate or Residential.

Lock in 2017 Prices, get 10-15% off orders over $499 and qualify for up to 3 Bonus offers. It’s FUN FOR ALL!

Check out the poster below for full sale details and call 905-646- JUMP (5867) to book your event. Remember, SALE ENDS DECEMBER 21st. NO EXCEPTIONS.
bouncy castle sale

Halloween Safety Guide for Parents, Children and Homeowners

Halloween is around the corner and just like using a bouncy castle, safety always comes first. No matter what your role is, you have to do your part and educate yourself and your child on Halloween safety, even if it’s not their first time trick or treating. We’ve found this amazing safety guide to assist you in planning your trick or treating adventure.

Continue reading Halloween Safety Guide for Parents, Children and Homeowners

Family Day Vendor Registration 2018

Calling all Vendors! Application to be a vendor at our Family Day FunZone is now open!
This is the biggest event in Niagara during the month of February and it’s for a good cause.

Every year we host a charity family day FunZone. February 2017 we dedicated it to the Education Foundation of Niagara and for 2018 we are happy to sponsor them again. We see over 800 families come through in a 5 hour event. That’s high traffic! If families in Niagara are your target market, this is the event for you. We only have 10 vendor spots, so secure yours before it’s gone.

Continue reading Family Day Vendor Registration 2018

FunZone: Niagara Wine Festival 2017

FunZone Alert! Niagara Inflatables is going to have a FunZone at the Niagara Wine Festival.

Niagara Wine Festival is one of the largest festivals in Niagara. Join us at Montebello Park St. Catharines on September 16-17th and 23rd-24th for the Annual Grapeland FunZone.

Planning on attending the parades on Saturday? We have spots for children to ride along with us on the FunExpress Train.

Continue reading FunZone: Niagara Wine Festival 2017

FunZone: Sudbury Ribfest 2017

FunZone Alert! Niagara Inflatables is going to have a FunZone at the Downtown Sudbury Ribfest.

If you’re heading up North to take advantage of the Labour Day Long Weekend, and you are in or around Sudbury, make sure to stop by Northern Ontario’s Largest Ribfest Festival. The festivlal runs September 1st -3rd, and we are going to have our popular Niagara Inflatables FunZone on the 2nd and 3rd!

Learn more about the Downtown Sudbury Ribfest on their event page.

Continue reading FunZone: Sudbury Ribfest 2017

5 Tips on planning rainy day birthday parties

There’s a lot that goes into planning a child’s birthday party. From inviting guests, coordinating with parents, deciding on what to do and choosing a menu that accommodates everyone’s dietary restrictions. Now all you have to do is make sure the weather is perfect. Unfortunately, we can’t control that and neither can you.

Undoubtedly, we get asked “What happens if it rains?” often about when parents book birthday parties in advance. To answer that question all you have to do is check out our rain policy. Our rain policy is the most flexible in the industry. While bad weather is the bane to many event companies, Niagara Inflatables & Games has the perfect solutions.

Here are 5 tips to planning a possible rainy day birthday party with a bouncy castle.

Continue reading 5 Tips on planning rainy day birthday parties

FunZone: St. Catharines Ribfest

FunZone Alert! Niagara Inflatables is going to have a FunZone at the St. Catharines Rotary Ribfest.

We’re back the Civic Holiday long weekend with one of St. Catharines’ largest festivals of the summer. As with any Ribfest, there will be great music, great food (even for vegetarians and vegans) and fun for the whole family. Read on for more details.

Add Ribfest to your Facebook Calendar.

Continue reading FunZone: St. Catharines Ribfest

Home made easter egg header

Homemade Easter Eggs

Easter is here and we’ve found this great video on how to make your very own homemade Easter Eggs. Instead of going to the store and getting generic eggs, spend quality time with your family, make your own signature eggs and hide them on each other. For first timers or experienced

For first-timers or veteran Easter Egg makers, this guide has everything you need to get started. Make sure to share your tips with us.

Here’s what you need to make your homemade Easter Eggs.

Continue reading Homemade Easter Eggs

Family Day FunZone 2017

It’s back! Our annual Family Day FunZone is on!

This year we are supporting the Education Foundation of Niagara with our annual charity event. Based on your attendee feedback from last year we have decided to host the FunZone at not one bigger location, but host it at two great locations. One of them being the Niagara Falls Scotiabank Convention Centre!

So join Niagara Inflatables in support of the Education Foundation of Niagara on February 20th at one of our FunZone spots for lots of family friendly fun. Check out the poster below for more details and stay up to date on the event with our Facebook event pages!

Continue reading Family Day FunZone 2017

The Best Christmas Movies

Here’s a list of the best 5 Christmas Movies Ever! Or at least according to the staff here at Niagara Inflatables. Of course you know that means it’s true.

We did a poll among our staff members to see what would come out on top as their favorite Christmas movies. There was some debate on whether one of these is a Christmas movie at all. (Obviously it is.) You can be the judge yourself.

Continue reading The Best Christmas Movies

christmas pretzels

5 Super Simple Christmas Treats for Kids

Simple Christmas Treats was inspired by “24 Fun Holiday Treats

Christmas is only days away (from the time I’m writing this) and the holidays are a great way to spend time with the family. Here at Niagara Inflatables we love treats, so we’ve come up with a list of 5 Simple Christmas Treats that you can make at home that look and taste great too!

We’ve also compiled this list to be quite economical as many share similar ingredients. Enjoy!

Continue reading 5 Super Simple Christmas Treats for Kids

Helping with Mental Health

Bouncy castles are a great way for children to get some physical activity, but mental health in adults, especially students, is also very important.
Our sky dancers were at Niagara College to help raise awareness of the issues of mental health as part of their Yellow Umbrella Project (YUP). The Niagara College Student Administrative Council (SAC) had one in front of each of their campuses in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Welland.

Continue reading Helping with Mental Health

Creepy Clowns: Nope, not here!

If you’ve been paying attention to the media recently, there have been numerous stories about creepy clowns terrorizing neighbourhoods around North America. Primarily in the US and some reports in Canada. CTV news reported that “In Nova Scotia… a woman in her car turned down a side street to avoid one clown, only to be surrounded by five more who stood an simply stared at her.”

Famous Youtubers such as Philip Defranco (Here’s his youtube vidoe reporting on said creepy clowns) have provided a guide on how to deal with all clowns. He recommends a 3 step approach to dealing with this situation.

Continue reading Creepy Clowns: Nope, not here!

Pied Piper Parade Photos

We were in the Niagara Wine Festival for the first weekend at Montebello Park and we had our Fun Express Train in the Pied Piper Parade. Over the summer, we took entries for children to ride along with us, and here they are! After the parade, they enjoyed a FunZone wristband to jump on the bouncy castles at the park, got tubs of cotton candy and temporary tattoos and magnets!

Continue reading Pied Piper Parade Photos

CHCH Business Excellence Award

We’re Nominated for the CHCH Business Excellence Award!

And we are so proud to be a part of it.

What are the CHCH Business Excellence Awards?

To simply put it, it is “your chance to show appreciation for your local businesses.” This is the first CHCH Business Excellence Awards and it is only for businesses in the Hamilton, Halton and Niagara Region.

What are the Categories?

There are 4 main categories: Business Services, Entertainment, Food and Drink and Shopping. Each category has sub-categories for the specific business type. Some businesses may be listed under more than one category.

How do I support my favorite business?

It’s easy to support your favorite business in the CHCH Business Excellence Award. All you have to do is visit and find the business you want to support under their category and vote.

You have until October 30th, 2016 to vote.

How do I vote for Niagara Inflatables?

We’re nominated in two categories for the CHCH Business Excellence Awards.
First for Entertainment – Children’s Entertainment as Niagara Inflatables & Games
Second for Entertainment – Indoor Play Centre as Stuffy’s Fun Station



Need a good reason to vote for us?

Not only are we Niagara’s #1 Bouncy Castle and entertainment rental company, bringing you family friendly entertainment throughout the Niagara Region and Southern Ontario, we are already a multi-award winning company. Earlier this year we took home the 2016 FEO Supplier of the Year Award for Alternative Supplier and not to mention the thousands that we raise for charitable organizations. For example the over $1700 we raised for Boys and Girls Club, the donations we’ve made to Niagara Children’s Centre and giving back to children through our Stuffy’s Super Hero Campaign.

Please share the word and thank you for all of your support.

August’s Super Hero

As another month comes to an end, it’s with great pleasure to announce Mary-Mariya as August’s Stuffy Super Hero. Mary-Mariya also known as M & M by her friends was nominated to be a Super Hero by Greg from the Niagara Conservatory of Music. Greg’s story informing us of M & M’s amazing talents in piano playing and singing was truly outstanding.

Not only is Mary-Mariya a talented individual, she “has been one of [the conservatory’s] biggest ambassadors” according to Greg. M&M helps with fundraising activities, selling tickets to events and volunteering.
M & M is also a selfless person. When it is her birthday, she asks her friends not for gifts, but for them to donate money to various causes. It’s these actions and her talents that make her part of Stuffy’s Super Heroes.

To celebrate M & M, we invited her to Stuffy’s Fun Station for a party for her and some of her close friends. Check out the gallery below of the first musical performance ever at Stuffy’s.

To nominate a deserving child to win one of these parties, fill out our Super Hero Nominataion form.

Successful Fundraising: Points and Tips

One of our most popular event types that we do are fundraisers and charity events. No matter the cause, fundraising is a challenge. Planning and executing a good great fundraising event takes a lot of planning and resources to make it happen. After 15 years of helping individuals, charities, not for profits, various organizations and ourselves doing countless fundraisers, we are sharing some tips on making your event a success.

1) Don’t wait until the last minute.

Too often we see organizers planning their fundraiser with only 1 or 2 weeks before the event date. What this does is, it leaves very little time to  promote your event through media and get the items and attractions that you would want. This point would be recurring as you would see it ties into several of the other points down below. Give yourself at least a month to get your event organized!

2) Promote your event.

To raise funds any event requires foot traffic. Getting the word out about your event in advance will help maximize reach. Use as many channels as possible to promote your event. There are many free options to choose from.  We suggest that event organizers can start with the press.

Newspapers are likely to do a write up about the event, include it in their events section, and distribute the information in the paper and online. Get a local radio station to talk about your event and possibly do a live broadcast on the day of. It’s sure to get you a lot of exposure.

Also, make sure to make a Facebook and an Eventbrite event. This will give you an estimated number of people attending. Keep in mind, only 30-50% of Facebook attendees will show up.

The Animal Kingdom Toddler Unit is great for ages 2-6.

3) Target Families, especially children.

One benefit of a fundraising event is that it can provide a low cost entertainment for the entire family. You can either charge for admission, charge for your attractions or have a combination of both. When considering inflatables, you can have it all covered with your admission fee or do a ‘Pay per play’ model where a 3-5 minute ride on an inflatable would cost between 2 and 3 dollars. When doing this, make sure that you have entertainment for all age groups. Here are some recommendations.

Entertainment for toddlers.

What we like to suggest for children ages 2-6 are inflatables such as our toddler units. These bouncy castles for small children are perfect for those who are now getting their sea legs and not quite big enough to play with the older children. Toddler units usually have bright colours, interactives, small slides, and low walls. The low walls on these units are important as they allow parents to easily watch their children.

Entertainment for children.

There are lots of entertainment options for children. From bouncers, to obstacles, games and interactives as well as entertainers such as clowns and face painters, there is always something to entertain this demographic. Make sure then when you are promoting your event that you highlight your attractions as this would generate you the most foot traffic.

For Teens, Adults and All Ages.

Tugga Touchdown
Tugga Touchdown is a great interactive for adults and teens.

Entertaining for this demographic while maintaining a family friendly atmosphere is sometimes a challenge. Some families may have teens and tweens that are ‘too cool’ for these ‘kiddie’ events, but by having some entertainment for them your fundraiser can truly be a full family entertainment event. Obstacle courses and interactives are a big hit among teenagers and even some adults.

4. Fun + Food = Fun Food

What is an event without something to eat? With high energy activity, providing options for a refueling snack is a great way to raise some quick cash. The classic popcorn machine rentals, cotton candy machine rental or snow cone machine rental are easy to operate and provide low cost options for your food and maximum profits.

popcorn machine rentalConsider this, the standard rental price of a popcorn machine is $99. Serving 100 bags of popcorn would cost you $50. Selling each bag at a the low price $2/bag would net you $31.63. Now this does not seem like a lot but if you had a reasonable 800 popcorn sales throughout a day or weekend event, profits would be over $1000.

Tip 1: Don’t sell your fun food at the location with cash. Have a ticket sales booth and fun food machine operators will take tickets. It removes the hassle from operating and providing change where there are most likely line ups.

Tip 2: When renting a bouncer and a fun food machine, ask us about our packages for fundraisers. For example: We have our Mega Deal Combo where you rent 2 standard bouncers and a fun food machine and get 50 servings of fun food for only $499. That saves you over $70 on your machine, making your event even more profitable.

5. Volunteers.

In a pinch you can hire our staff to operate.

Volunteers are a great way to save money on your event. They allow you to make it bigger, the organizer can focus on running the event, and you save on staff costs. Send out your volunteer requests to high schools and local business organizations such as your local chamber of commerce. It never hurts to have too many volunteers. In a pinch, you can always hire staff one of our to operate a bouncer or fun food machine for you.

Note: If you are having your event at a public park, a school and some private establishments such as churches, you may be required to have some of our staff on site for insurance purposes.

6. Get someone notable.

Super Splash Dunk Tank
Put a politician in a dunk tank for extra fun.

Invite your mayor, local MPs, Councillors and local celebrities. By having these notables at your event, they will most likely talk about it before hand, increasing your exposure and bring a crowd. Point 1 is important here as they have busy schedules. Booking them early is important to having them come to your event. Have an opening ceremony where the Mayor discusses your cause and makes a presentation. You can even raise funds by putting them in a dunk tank and charging to throw a ball. This works especially well if they are a politician!

Hopefully these tricks and tips set you off on the right track to successful fundraising. If you are planning a fundraiser or any other event and would like us to help, make sure to send us a request or call Niagara Inflatables & Games at 905-646-JUMP (5867) and chat with one of our experienced event planners.

Christmas in July Sale 2016

It’s Summer and you’re probably not thinking about the holiday season just yet, but Christmas is only away!

We’ve got a big gift bag of specials for you to take advantage of available only until August 15th, 2016. Get them before they head back to the North Pole.

Photo Booth Bonus

Get a bonus hour of photo booth rental time when you book for an event between Nov 1, 2016 and Jan 2, 2017. Includes fun holiday props.Photobooth11

Stuffy’s 10% off Winter Parties

Save 10% when you book a party, birthday or holiday at Stuffy’s Fun Station. That’s about $30 or more in savings!

50% off Fun Food Machines

Get a cotton candy, popcorn or snow cone machine rental at 50% off when you rent any inflatable bouncer. Servings extra.

Work Christmas Decorations.

When you book any Combo Bouncer (starting at $299), get a Free Inflatable Christmas Decoration Set of your choice.

Current Options Available:

  • Santa & Snowman in Sled pulled by Reindeer.
  • Christmas Tree with 2 snowmen plus Snowman and Elves on a Sled (2 units)
  • Merry Go Round plus Big and Little Snowman (2 units)

Santa in sleigh with 1 Reindeer

Save $25 off Santa!

Santa Niagara 2009Get Santa to visit your event and save $25 when your order is over $500 before delivery and taxes.

Terms & Conditions

Events must be fully paid for and signed before Aug 15, 2016 at 5:00 PM EST. Subject to unit availability. Only for events between Nov 1, 2016 and Jan 2, 2017.

Summer FunZone

Your complete guide to summer Fun in Niagara and Southern Ontario.

We put on some of the biggest inflatable events all summer long and this is where you can find them. We will be updating this list with added events, and keeping you posted on changes. Make sure to come back often, or follow us on our social channels for updates as well. We’ve broken it down by Month for you. Subscribe to our newsletter and get free FunZone tickets.



July 29-August 1 – St. Catharines Rotary Ribfest
Montebello Park – St. Catharines (FREE ADMISSION)Ribfest Ribs
FRI 29th: 12 PM- 9 PM
SAT 30th: 12 PM – 9 PM
SUN 31: 12 PM- 9 PM
MON 1: 12 PM – 9 PM
Save on your ribs!


July 29-August 1 – St. Catharines Rotary Ribfest
Montebello Park – St. Catharines (FREE ADMISSION)
FRI 29th: 12 PM- 9 PM
SAT 30th: 12 PM – 9 PM

SUN 31: 12 PM- 9 PM
MON 1: 12 PM – 9 PM
St. Catharines Ribfest Concert Schedule.busker-about[1]

August 6th & 7th – Jerk Festival
Centennial Park – Etobicoke
SAT 6th: 11 AM – 9 PM
SUN 7th: 11 AM – 8 PM
Buy Tickets to the Jerk Festival Toronto

August 13th & 14th – St. Catharines Wingfest

Lakeside Park – St Catharines
SAT 13th: 11 AM – 8 PM
SUN 14th: 11 AM – 6 PM
Find details on Facebook.

August 20th & 21st – Port Credit Buskerfest

Port Credit Memorial Park – Port Credit
SAT 20th: 1 PM- 8:30 PM
SUN 21st: 1 PM – 7 PM
Buskerfest KidsZone Entertainment


September 3rd & 4th – Sudbury Ribfest
LOC TBD – Sudbury ON
SAT 3rd: 11 AM – 7 PM
SUN 4th: 11 AM – 6 PM
Sudbury Ribfest on Facebook.

September 17th & 18th – Niagara Wine Festival
Montebello Park – St. Catharines
SAT 17th: 11 AM – 7:30 PM
SUN 18th: 12 PM – 7 PM

September 24th & 25th – Niagara Wine Festival
Montebello Park – St. Catharines
SAT 24th: 11 AM-7:30 PM
SUN 25th: 12 PM- 7:00 PM

June’s Super Hero Giveaway

Congratulations Ben!

We would like to congratulate Ben on being June’s Super Hero. On July 8th, we held a surprise party for him at Stuffy’s Fun Station. Ben recently turned 10 and was nominated to be a super hero by Rachel, a family friend.

Ben’s story was truly compelling and we were so happy to make a day extra special for him, his family and his friends.

Welcome to the Hall of Stuffy’s Heroes Ben!

May’s super hero giveaway was awarded to the Niagara Children’s Centre. You can read about them in this post.

Do you know a child that is deserving of a special party in their honour? Nominate a super hero.

Canada Day 2016

What does Canada Day look like for a bouncy castle company?

A lot of our customers start planning for Canada Day a year in advance. As you have probably read in the papers, there are lots of celebrations in your area and beyond. Here are some of the cities where we you can find us.

Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Thorold, Welland, Port Colborne, Grimsby, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Port Credit, Waterloo, Cambridge, London, Woodstock, Kitchener, Guelph, Dryden and that’s not even all of it.

Cool Stats:

  • 12 Trucks
  • 10 transport vehicles
  • 140+ staff
  • 99% bouncer inventory rental
  • 2 phone operators

A lot of prep goes into making sure your Canada Day celebrations go off without a hitch. Make sure to find us at our FunZones.


Milton – Milton Fairgrounds – 12-7 PM

Oakville – Bronte Heritage Park – 12-8 PM

And from all of us here HAPPY and SAFE CANADA DAY!


Looking forward to Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017!

May’s Super Hero Giveaway

We kicked off Stuffy’s Super Heroes on May 29th with Niagara Children’s Centre at Stuffy’s Fun Station. We treated the ambassadors of the Centre’s Help Kids Shine Campaign to a bouncy party for their contribution to the campaign. What a great group of kids who truly deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

You can still contribute to the campaign by visiting Help Kids Shine Donation Page.

Below are some photos at Stuffy’s Fun Station and our team at their Plasma Car Racing event. You can read about the entire event in this St. Catharines Standard Article.

Angry Birds Movie

Looking for entertainment this May 24 long weekend? Besides fireworks, BBQs and the general kick-off to the Canadian outdoor season, the Angry Birds Movie hits theaters.

With lots of movies such as Captain America: Civil War (aka Avengers 2.5), and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice being geared to the over 13 demographic, it’s good to see some programming being geared to general audiences.

Watch the trailer for Angry Birds the Movie below. If your kids love the movie or the game, make sure to check out our Angry Birds themed panel for Themed Bouncy Castles.

Fort McMurray Fire & Red Cross Support

There isn’t much that we here can say here about the tragedy that is occurring in Fort McMurray that the press and media hasn’t and isn’t covering. Our thoughts and prayers go to the people and families affected by the disaster and our full support goes to the firefighters putting their lives on the line to reduce the further losses. May their efforts not be understated and wishing them a safe return to their families.

It saddens our hearts here at Niagara Inflatables & Games to see such loss. To help, we are donating 10% of proceeds on all rentals from now to the end of May, for events in May, to relief efforts being made by the Red Cross. We understand that not everyone may be in a position to make a donation themselves, but if you are, you can make a donation directly to the Red Cross by visiting

If you cannot donate, please spread the word as you may know someone who can assist those families in need. Even the smallest amount will help.

Space Bouncer

Well it’s not a space themed bouncy castle like our Star Wars Themed Bouncy Castle option, it’s not even something that we as Ontario’s Bounce House and entertainment rental company can offer. But it’s still SO COOL.

NASA is sending an ‘inflatable bounce house’ to the ISS soon. It’s part of an experiment to create new living space for future missions to other planets and to give ample habitation in long term space missions.

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module or BEAM test capsule when inflated will provide a 10.5 by 13 foot space that can also withstand solar and cosmic radiation, space debris, UV radiation and all the other nasty stuff that comes with space travel. The TSSA rating on this must be nuts!

Here’s a video of how the ISS Space Arm will install BEAM.

Here’s hoping that this experiment is a success. We’re getting closer to bouncy castles on Mars. With that low gravity, kids are going to be jumping pretty high.

Super Spring 2016

We’re telling mother nature to speed up spring and get it going with this SUPER SPRING deal.

Rent ANY bouncy castle and get:

  • 1 Free Carnival Game valued at $50
  • 10 Tubs of Cotton Candy

Make your spring a little more SUPER FUN. Any bounce house, any price. Can be combined with birthday party special. Only for events occurring until May 31, 2016.

 Call to book  or   Book Online

Taxes and delivery extra. Subject to unit availability. Call for more details.


The Force is Strong with this Trailer

The new Star Wars Movie Trailer dropped today. It was announced that Disney will be releasing a new Star Wars movie every year starting with last year’s huge blockbuster success Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This year’s movie is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Set between the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope, Rogue One is going to take us along the path of the Rebel Alliance and how they go about stealing the plans to the Death Star.

It looks like this Star Wars entry is also going to focus on a strong female character, as we are introduced to Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones, The Amazing Spider-man 2) as she seems to be captured by the Empire and is on trial for her actions. We also see popular Star Wars character Mon Mothma, the leader of the Rebel Alliance in the original trilogy make an appearance and the final assembly of the original Death Star.

Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker also makes an appearance in the trailer and by the end of the trailer he asks “What will you become?” as Jyn dawns an imperial uniform. The trailer raises a lot of questions, but with use of practical effects, we’re excited for this Star Wars addition.

Is your kid Star Wars Crazy? You can have a Star Wars Themed Party with our Themed Bouncy Castle and by adding on the Star Wars Bouncy Castle Themed Panel. When you book, ask us how we can even have Darth Vader visit your party. Watch the trailer below.


batman v superman

Who is loving Batman v Superman?

Last week we saw the release of the ever so anticipated and ever so hyped, start of the summer blockbuster movie by DC Comics and Warner Brothers (That was a mouthfull), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Also a mouth full.)

Despite mixed reviews, Batman V Superman according to it’s first weekend numbers is setting a whole bunch of records and exceeding expectations. Domestically, BvS brought in $166 million and internationally over $254 million. Combining the two figures, it makes BvS the biggest opening weekend for any superhero movie and one of the largest opening weekend movies of all time. BvS only sits behind movies such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avatar, Jurassic World.

Among the mixed reviews however, there seems to be a consensus among a particular demographic which generally enjoys the movie. The under 18 and the under 25 crowd. On average these groups have given the 2:30 minute Zack Snyder directed film scores of A- and B+ respectively at the time of writing this post. Another positive is that parents are recommending the film to other parents as an option for movies to take their kids to despite the somewhat brutal nature of the scenes.

One thing is for certain, Batman v Superman is the definitive kick off to the DC Cinematic Universe and kids are going to be talking about Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman too for the next year until we see the Wonder Woman stand alone film released.

Fortunately we do have Batman v Superman units to satisfy your DC Fans bounce house needs. With Niagara Inflatables having the region’s largest inventory of bouncy castles, obstacle courses and party rentals, our Justice League Bouncy Castles and our Justice League Obstacle Course feature Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the rest of the gang. To get more information on these units you can Rent a Bouncy Castle or give us a call at 905-646-5867.

Zootopia dethrones Frozen

This is big news. Disney’s Zootopia has just overtaken the longstanding and popular Frozen Franchise as it’s #1 opening weekend animated film. According to Box office figures, Zootopia took in $73.7 million domestically on its opening weekend and $232.5 million worldwide. This is higher than 2013’s Release of Frozen.


There are many reasons as to why this movie is becoming such a huge success. At the time of this writing, Zootpopia has a 99% Fresh rating on popular film ranking site Rotten Tomatoes. Frozen currently has a ranking of 89%. As time goes on, we will probably see the Rotten Tomatoes score even out, but 99% is still pretty impressive.

With the popularity of Frozen, we purchased not just 1, but 2 Themed inflatables and a themed panel. As Zootopia may be the next big thing for kids. We want to know your opinion on how we should treat this latest hit.


FunZone March 2016 & More

The FunZones are starting back in March. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates on FunZone activities and other events in your area. You can also get updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s start with the news for March.

FEO Conference (March 2-4)

Back on February 19th we announce that we are a finalist for FEO in this blog post. The conference is running from March 2nd to 4th and Niagara Inflatables along with our sister company Grand River Inflatables will be in the FEO marketplace with our fab photo booth. If you are attending the marketplace and going through the passport program, you can use your photo printout as proof that you visited us. #Dare2BDifferent

March Break  (March 14-18)

The kids are off for March Break from the 13th to 18th. Looking for something fun to do? Head to the Pen Centre for Bouncy Castle Mini Golf and a Rock Climbing wall. In support of Community Care. Don’t forget to bring your donation. Get more information on specific days and times on the Pen Centre Events page.

Spring Forward.

Don’t forget to set a reminder to change all your clocks on March 13th. Spring is here and we’re excited! Are you?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Opens March 25)

We love super heroes and movies. The new Batman and Superman flick premiers on March 25th, perfect for the long weekend. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you can watch the exciting movie trailer below. Planning a party around BvS? We have super hero bouncy castles available over the phone.


Not exactly, but you can get a free pizza when you book our party room for birthday in St. Catharines. You don’t have to have the party this month either, it’s good until Dec 31, 2016. If you want to claim this offer, claim it before it dissapears.

Get an additional party pizza when you book Stuffy’s Fun Station for a Birthday Party.

Posted by Niagara Inflatables & Games, Inc. on Saturday, February 20, 2016


FunZones (March 25 & March 26)

funzoneWe have two FunZones running this month. One in Niagara Falls and One in St. Catharines. Part of the annual  Easter egg hunts.


Friday March 25th, 10 am- 1:30 pm – Stamford Volunteer Firefighters Association – Stamford Fireman’s Park

Saturday March 26th, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm – Jaycee Park St. Catharines.

Other Fun Days

Look out for these other fun activities and “Holidays in March”

March 14th is Pi day.
March 25th is also Waffle Day.

Tweet us or Instagram us your Pie and Waffle creations.

FEO 2016

We’re Finalists for FEO!

Another event season is upon us and there’s no better way to start it off. We are pleased announcethat Niagara Inflatables & Games is a finalist for this year’s Service Excellence Award: Alternate Entertainment Provider. (But you already knew that from the first line.)

From Festivals and Events Ontario “Each year at the FEO annual conference, [FEO acknowledges its] members’ hardwork through our annual Awards Program, highlighting the best in industry practices and the hard work and commitment of those who make the festivals and events industry in Ontario such a success.”

We are proud to be recognized as part of this industry and community in making Ontario a world class destination for events. Not only do successful events drive our local economy with over $2.3 billion contributed to our local GDP and employs over 55,000 people across the province, Ontario events are a key indicator of Canadian culture and social progress.

Being a supplier to over 15 of the Top 100 Events in Ontario and being named the Service Excellence Award winner in previous years, Niagara Inflatables is committed to delivering the best in inflatable rentals and entertainment.

Good luck to all the other finalists this year and here’s to another great year of events in Ontario.

For more information on Festivals & Events Ontario. Visit

Family Day Fun Activity 2016

Family Day is a week away and Niagara Inflatables has 3 fun events for you to come to. We’ve partnered up with the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara, the Niagara Ice Dogs and have a special sneak peek at the new Stuffy’s Fun Station party room and escape room to bring you the most fun possible.

Here’s the poster for the day. See you at one or all of these fun events! Come back to this page or message us on Facebook for event updates.

Family Day Poster


Tugga Touchdown

Top 5 Superbowl Rentals

It’s a big year for the Superbowl. This year is the 50th one!  Here’s our list for the top 5 rented items for Superbowl Parties.

Number 5: 20′ Movie Screen

2014 stanley cup movie screen
We’ve set it up ourselves for hockey games.

Take the biggest sporting event in North America to the next level. With a 20′ Movie Screen, it doesn’t get much bigger than that! Our movie screen not only plays movies, but it can be hooked up to any HDMI connection so that the game can be played live with big sound too. If you are planning a big party in a big location, this is the item for you. There’s only one screen available, so the earlier you book the better.

Number 4: Cotton Candy Machine

cotton candy machine rentalWhat would the game be without snacks? Sure you have the nachos, chips and dip all ready to go, but some people have a sweet tooth. Adding cotton candy to the mix has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is always a favorite with kids.

Number 3: Tugga Touchdown

Pre-game like a pro. There’s no better event than the Superbowl to have this amazingly fun sports challenge. Who needs a pre-game show when you can run your own tournament before the game. Fast 1 on 1 action will get everyone excited for the game. Why not split your groups into teams and have a game outcome prediction based on your scores.

Tugga Touchdown

Number 2: Fantasy Football

Fantasy FootballJust like Tugga Touchdown, this pre-game activity is very popular around football sports events. At only 12’x 7′ x 10′ high the compact Fantasy Football game is where you can show off your own pigskin tossing skills.


Number 1: Popcorn Machine

popcorn machine rentalYes, this is our most popular rental for the Superbowl, and sporting events. Everyone loves popcorn and with easy pre-packs, there’s no chores of measuring or mixing. Bonus, we take care of the clean up when you rent a popcorn machine.

Looking to plan your own Superbowl party? Book an inflatable for an event in February of 2016 and get a free Popcorn Machine, Cotton Candy Machine or Snow Cone Machine rental with it. 

An Olympic Year: History Lesson

It’s 2016 and an Olympic year. It’s hard to believe that one of our prominent promotional rental items was only invented 20 years ago. The Sky Dancer also known as “Dancing Tube Men” and “Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Failing Tube Men” is often found in front of car dealerships and new restaurants.

This new video by Great Big Story tells the “Tale of Tall Boy: The Origin of the Inflatable Man.” It provides us with fun facts such as their first appearance in the 1996 Olympic Games and that they were created by Trinidadian artist Peter Minshall. (Niagara Inflatables fun fact: we have a Trinidadian on our staff!)

With the Olympic Games being an even bigger event than Toronto hosted PanAm Games in 2015, we can’t wait to see how our interactive fantasy sports games will be used in events alongside the Sky Dancer. Watch the video below and stay tuned for more fun history lessons.


IAAPA Expo 2015 IAE15

This week is the IAAPA Expo down in Orlando Florida, and our team went down to check out what’s new and cool in the world of amusement rides and entertainment. There was a lot to look and and enjoy. Here’s what we found to be super fun and interesting.


Virtual Reality was everywhere this year. Many exhibitors had VR attractions, Rides that integrate VR into their rides or displays that were completely VR and interactive. Twitter is all a buzz from all the Virtual Reality abound at IAAPA this year. The question is, will it stick around?


Fright is might.

Successful franchises always get turned into top rides. The popular “The Walking Dead” franchise looks as though it’s heading down that creepy road to zombie town as well. Not to mention all the other zombie related rides like zombie track paintball. As fans of the TV series, we’re looking forward to seeing this ride in action. We’re just hoping it’s closer to Canada.  


Games are still important.

In a world where things are getting bigger and badder, it’s nice to see that companies still see the value in producing smaller and more accessible activities. Airhockey, Pool, Ball Pong Games and the popular Giant Pac-Man.


Customized Everything.

Technology is making it easier to tailor entertainment experiences based on every individual’s prefernces. From gum ball machines that deliver personal marketing to you while providing you with sweet treat and rides that you “create” on your own, the bars are being raised. It may be soon where everyone has quite a different experience from everyone else.  



Looks to be one of the biggest attractions of the Expo this year. Dubbed the Robocoaster is a giant robotic arm, similar to those used on assembly lines with a 2 person coaster seat on the end. Watch it and see for yourself.


boys and girls club niagara

Best Halls in Niagara for a Holiday Party

The temperature is dropping and let’s be honest, fall in Ontario is pretty wet. So if you’re planning a party this fall or winter, it’s better to take it indoors. Here’s our picks for best halls around Niagara for Bouncy Castle Indoor Parties.

St. Catharines

Merritton Community Centre
Ridley College
Port Weller Community Centre and check out this Birthday Hall Special available there
Boys & Girls Club of Niagara
boys and girls club niagara


Thorold Community Activities Group
Holy Rosary Hall


Niagara on the Lake Community Centre

Niagara Falls

Scotiabank Convention Centre
YMCA Niagara Falls

Fort Erie

YMCA Fort Erie


Crystal Ridge Community Centre


Peach King Centre
peach king centre


Calvary Gospel Church

Cotton Candy Spider Web: A Halloween Treat Idea

Here’s a sweet and easy Halloween Treat Idea! Make a cotton candy spider web.

What you’ll need is:
Cotton Candy/Candy Floss Maker
Servings of white flavoured cotton candy
Cone or wooden spoon to get cotton candy
Bags or containers for servings
Gummy Spiders

20151016_114128 20151016_114230

Set up your cotton candy machine and have your gummy spiders ready. You can gummy spiders in most grocery stores around Halloween in the seasonal or candy section. You can rent an easy to use cotton candy machine from a party rental store.
Once you turn on your cotton candy machine be ready to use the cone or wooden spoon to grab the cotton candy.

Layer the cotton candy in small amounts into the container adding a gummy spider.


That’s it! It’s a tasty treat for a Halloween party or to give out to trick or treaters.

20151016_114755 20151016_115030

by the way, you can add gummy anything to switch it up.

Plan a work Holiday Party

company holiday party
A few months ago we showed you how to plan a corporate picnic. Now that summer is over, it’s time to start planning your holiday party.

We have curated the internet’s best, unique and most comprehensive lists so that you don’t have to waste your time searching for them. After all you have party planning to do.

Holiday Party Tip List

Much like our corporate picnic post, this holiday party planning guide is less of a checklist,and more of guide on things to consider when planning. It weighs in on some important questions such as “Are families invited?” and “Should we do a potluck?”

Read Careeralism’s post on 7 Tips for Planning a Holiday Office Party

Important Corporate Event Detail.

We won’t spoil it here, however Your ERC’s article  got it right with their number 10 item in this one.

This is what makes the difference between good company culture and great company culture. Their 10-step Holiday  Party Planning Checklist is a great starting point for anyone new to organizing an event or a simple reminder to veterans.

Something for Large Companies.

Diversity is always a hot button in corporate environments. The larger your organization, the higher the probability of excluding one or more individuals or groups. Recognizing there are higher and higher levels of diversity in your business is important. Monster’s article (The job recruitment site) has their Diverse Workplace Holiday Party Planning Guide that touches on great points to consider.

That should do it for lists and tips to get you started on your successful holiday event planning. To put the cherry on top, here’s how you can get a Professional Santa Claus and an Instant Print Photo Booth for entertainment and memories. Two items checked off your list!

FunZone October 2015

There’s lots to give thanks for. Celebrate fall with these two FunZones in October.

Oct 3- 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM
Harvest Festival
Port Colborne Public Library (310 King Street, Port Colborne)
Port Colborne Harvest Festival

With Vendors, Artists, Live Entertainment and your children’s entertainment provided by your choice for bouncy castle rentals.





 Oct 9-12 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM (Thanksgiving Weekend)
Thanksgiving Festival
Balls Falls Conservation Area (3292 Sixth Avenue, Jordan)

Balls Falls

One of Ontario’s largest Thanksgiving Festivals. With over 150 juried artisans, food vendors, demonstrators & entertainers participating in this four-day long annual tradition, there is always plenty to do, see, and explore at our flagship conservation area. For the 2nd year in a row we will also be hosting a Farmer’s Market where you can pick up local produce and VQA Wines.

Get Tickets

Size Matters

We get it. It’s difficult sometimes to understand how big a bouncer is. Especially if it’s your first time renting one. You visit a ton different sites and browse through hundreds of bouncers and after hours of searching you’ve narrowed it down to two or three that you think would be best for your event. Sometimes that decision is tough, especially when it comes down to two similar units such as the ones below.

This past summer, we have taken special note of our customers’ decisions and feedback and this post is about to do some myth busting. Two of our most popular units are the 5-in-1 Themed Combo and the 6-in-1 Themed Combo.  There is a pricing difference between these titans. Naturally one would think that the 6-in-1 themed combo would be the larger and higher priced. It turns out that the opposite is the truth.

On the left we have the 6-in-1 Themed Bouncer and on the Right the 5-in-1 Themed Bouncer.
On the left we have the 6-in-1 Themed Bouncer and on the Right the 5-in-1 Themed Bouncer.

The 5-in-1 Themed Combo is larger in all regards. It has a larger slide, more bouncing surface and higher ceilings when compared to the 6-in-1. The 5-in-1 is priced accordingly for this difference. With the 5-in-1 you definitely get more ‘bounce for your buck’.

What the 6-in-1 Themed Combo does offer is more activity in a relatively small amount of space. You could say it’s dense with fun and still a great option while on a budget.  In the photo, you can see the 5 and 6 side by side. It’s clear that numbers don’t always matter, but size does.

Check on availability for either of these bouncer and request a quote by clicking BOOK NOW on the top left of this page.

Fall Back Bonus Hour

Spring took an hour away from you, and fall is bringing it back.

You get that extra hour of sleep and for a limited time, get an extra hour of rental on any standard 4 hour bouncer rental from November 1-December 15, 2015 at no extra charge.

Just ask for the Fall Bonus Hour when you make your reservation by phone.

Some conditions apply. Ask a sales representative for details.

Niagara Inflatables on the Move

If you still haven’t heard it, this is the post for you.

Your #1 choice for inflatable rentals has moved! Goodbye Elm Street and Hello Stewart Rd… Not to worry though, the move isn’t that far. Technically we are in Niagara-on-the-Lake now, but we are just off of Niagara Stone Road (Hwy 55) near York and Taylor.

Do some shopping at the Outlet Mall after stopping by.

Why the move?
Before we moved, Niagara Inflatables was in pieces. Literally. We were scattered between three different warehouses in St. Catharines. Arranging orders, pick ups, production of Fun Food was inefficient. Fortunately, we found a new home that can accommodate Niagara’s Largest Bouncy Castle Inventory and house the up to 40 employees that work here.

What’s the new place like?
The 4,500 sq ft facility houses the warehouse, production facility, sales office and parking for our fleet of delivery trucks along with customer parking, reception and a dedicated pick-up location. It’s bigger, brighter and more fun for everyone.

What’s next?
With any move, we are settling into the new place. With most systems installed and operations in full swing, Niagara Inflatables is still ready to help you with your events for the next year and years to come.

Further down the pipeline you can expect even bigger, FUNNER things from NIaG.

If you need to get directions our contact information on our website, Facebook, Google Maps and other directories have been updated. If you spot an incorrect address anywhere, let us know!

Fall Party Ideas

The kids are back in school and the holidays are just around the corner. With a great summer coming to an end, it’s hard to think of unique birthday and fall party ideas that will top the amazing summer parties and get togethers. We have some tricks and suggestions for you.


Make it a Hoedown!

Scarecrow WheelbarrowIt’s a classical fall party which will appeal to all ages.  Many farms  rent out their barns for such an occasion. With the barn option, you can take the party indoors if the weather is cool or rainy, thus ensuring a successful event no matter what nature says. If the party is closer to Halloween, have a pumpkin carving contest or make a scarecrow. Tractor rides on the farm are likely a fun option for kids as well.

Driveway Drive-In

The temperatures are dropping and you want to hold on the the outdoors for as long as you can. By hosting a drive-in in your own driveway with a Giant Movie Screen, you can bring lots of entertainment while keeping warm inside you car. Give it an authentic feel with a concession stand decked out with a full size popcorn machine.

Pancake Party

rainbowpancakes3Load on the maple syrup, Nutella, bananas, and all the other toppings you can think of. Or try and be colourful with rainbow pancakes. This is a universally fun way to have a party. This type of party is good in the morning, afternoon or evening and for all ages. I’m hungry just thinking about it. Are you?

Costume Party

Happy excited kids in Halloween costumesMaybe one of the most obvious ideas, but it’s worth a mention PLUS kids love showing off their Halloween costumes! May as well get the most out of those cute outfits too. Run these any time in October with a Candy Apple Hunt or a candy trade party after Halloween. Make it extra spooky with a fog machine rental or fun with a bubble machine rental.

What is a Candy Trade Party? With Peanut sensitive children, this is a great option to have a post halloween party where kids can trade their peanut candies for ones that they can enjoy with friends that don’t have allergies. It also gives picky kids the opportunities to get what they really like. Set up some trading rules such as 1 pt for candies, 2 pts for mini chocolates and 4 pts for full bars etc. This just makes sure everything is fair.

Fun Fair Tips

il_fullxfull.87469790With Back 2 School, fundraisers, meet the teacher days, orientations, new student welcome events, PTA groups don’t get a break. With so many activities and details to plan, use a reputable bouncy castle rental company for your Fun Fair.  You know who we’re talking about 😉





Be in the Grande Parade 2015

Marching pipe band in the Grande Parade
Marching Pipe Band courtesy of Niagara Wine Festival

Every year in Niagara, The Fun Express Train makes it way through Downtown St. Catharines for the Wine Festival Parade and The Meridian Grande Parade.

This year 6 kids and a friend up to the age 12  will be chosen based on their entries to ride our Fun Express train! Winners and their guest will receive 2 all day pass for the Niagara Inflatables FunZone valued at $40. (Parents can walk alongside the train in the parade.)

How to Enter to be in the Meridian Grande Parade

Step 1: Draw a picture showing why you love Niagara Inflatables or of you on one of our bouncers.
Step 2: Write your First Name and Age on your drawing.
Step 3: Write a short letter with your full name, your parent or guardian’s name, address and phone number explaining your photo. Max 100 words.
Step 4: Mail your drawing and letter to us at 65 Stewart Rd, Unit 5, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, L0S 1J0 before September 12.


Join us at the Merritton Lion’s Community Day on Labour Day and submit your drawing there.

Make sure you have your parent/guardian(s)’ permission to enter.

We will call you September 22-24 to let you know who wins. Pictures are judged based on creativity, reason and overall “funness”.

September FunZones can be found in this Bouncy Castle Blog Post.

FunZone September 2015

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. We have our list of September FunZones ready for you around Ontario and the Niagara Region. Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter for additions, times and updates on these great events.


Sep 5-6     Sudbury Ribfest (Sudbury, ON)
St. Catharines Ribfest Photo
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Belgrave.

Downtown Sudbury comes alive with live entertainment, food, merchandise, car show, inflatable bouncy castles for kids, ribs and more! Best of all admission is free.

FunZone Hours
Sat 11:00AM – 7:00PM
Sun 11:00AM – 6:00PM

Downtown Sudbury Ribfest on Facebook.

Sep 7     Merritton Lions Labour Day Community Day (St. Catharines, ON)

lionlogoFor the first time ever, Niagara Inflatables will be hosting children’s entertainment for the Merritton Lions Community Day on Labour Day following the Merritton Labour Day Parade. The Parade moves out at 11:00 AM and  ends on Seymour Street. Want to ride The Fun Express Train and get Free FunZone Passes? Listen to 2DayFM 101.1 and 105.1 FM for your chance to win.

FunZone Hours
Monday 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Sep 12-13     Niagara Food Festival (Welland, ON)

The Niagara Food Festival offers fantastic food from local restaurants and food producers, celebrity chefs on the Mobile Culinary Theatre, live entertainment for all ages and much, much more.

So you think you can Cook?

FunZone Hours
SAT 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
SUN 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sep 12-13     Harvest Festival (Niagara Falls, ON)

The Stamford Centre Volunteer Fireman’s Association runs their annual Harvest Festival to raise fund for different charitable organizations. Held in their beautiful Fireman’s Park in Niagara Falls.

FunZone Hours
SAT & SUN 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sep 19-20 & 26-27     Niagara Grape & Wine Festival (Niagara Region, ON)
pipe marching band
The Marching Pipe Band at the Meridian Grande Parade

One of Niagara’s Largest Annual events held annually across Niagara, the Niagara Inflatables FunZone will be available at Montebello Park, St. Catharines in the heart of the action. You can also find us in the parade.

Kids up to the age of 12, mail us a drawing of you and your favorite bouncy castle along with a short letter why for a chance to ride with us on our Train in the parade.


FunZone Hours
SAT 11:00 AM -7:30 PM
SUN 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Frozen Bouncy Castle

Summer Cool Down

Wrap up you summer with these COOL August Specials!

Play Day Special

Birthday Pricing on select inflatables for weekday (mon-thu) rentals. Even if it isn’t a birthday party. Get together with neighbours, friends or family and put together a Play Day to get the kids out of your hair. Great for afternoon fun.

Chill Out Special

Chill Frozen Bouncy Castleout with this refreshing summer package from Niagara Inflatables & Games.

Get a snow cone machine plus 25 servinggs of cool blue syrup and our fire brigade bucket challenge water dunk tank for $249+delivery and taxes. Upgrades available.

Throw an exciting, fun and refreshing back yard party, great for kids of all ages. Upgrades available.

MEGA Deal Combo

Rent two bouncers and a fun food machine with 25 servings for only $499. Valid Until Nov 30, 2015. Upgrades available.

Restrictions apply on all specials and combos. Subject to delivery and HST. Call for more details

Fun Zones August 2015

Summer is almost over and your chances of getting in on the action at a Niagara Inflatables FunZone this year is coming to a close. Make sure to go to these events and get your jump on!

July 31- Aug 3rd- Rotary Ribfest St. Catharines

Did you catch it in last month’s post? This one is so big it gets two! Just kidding, it runs from July 31 to Aug 3rd in Montebello Park in St. Catharines. Food, music and fun all-in-one.
FRI 12-8PM
SUN 12-6PM

Save $3 off your ribs

Aug 8-9th- Jerk Festival (JerkFest)DSCF6116_[1]

Need some spice in your life? Ya Mon! Jerk fest in Toronto (Centennial Park, Etobicoke) is home to the “So You Think You Can Jerk Competition” and more. You can eat, play & compete to win great prizes.

Visit the JerkFest website for event details

Aug 8th – TD Jazz Festival (NEW)

12-8:00PM Downtown Oakville.

Aug 15-16th- Niagara Buskerfest

This is a free, all ages, community event showcasing more than 50 performances from world class performers from around the globe, artisan and food vendors and much, much more, in support of arts programming for children and youth. Happening Front Street Thorold.busker-about[1]

Aug 22-23rd- Port Credit Buskerfest

Another busker event in case you missed Thorold. The buskers will rotate around Port Credit throughout the weekend to different performance spots — also known as pitches. Expect to experience side-splitting comedy, eye-popping acrobatics and mind-bending daredevil stunts!

funzoneFunZone Hours
SAT 22, 1-8:30 PM
SUN 23, 1-7 PM

More event info on Port Credit Buskerfest Website


company picnic

Planning your Corporate Picnic

Whether you business has been around for 50 years or is a new start up, a summer corporate picnic is a great way to show your employees appreciation at a different time of year than the December holiday season. Here are some tips, ideas and suggestions to make your company picnic a success!

company picnic

#1 Notice

Give your employees, friends and other invites ample notice as to when your company picnic will be. People take a lot of their vacation time during these months and may feel left out if you schedule your company picnic when you know that they are going to be away. Also, you wouldn’t want to run an event where no one shows up. The more the merrier. Also consider you schedules and their families. You won’t be able to please everyone, but giving ample notice and making consideration will lend to better turnout.

#2 Reminder

If you followed tip #1, you would have told people far in advanced about your upcoming family company event. As most are unlikely to mark this sort of thing in their calendars, it would be wise to remind them when closer to the event date. It’s up to you how you want to do this. It may be easiest to use your email marketing software to schedule reminders to your employee and company list. 1 month, 2 week and 2 day reminders are great options to consider.

#3 The invite list

Part 1: Knowing who is coming to your event is 100% necessary for proper planning. Of course your employees will be there, but ask yourself these questions. Is this open to their partners and/or family? Am I setting a limit to the number of guests? Do I want to open this up to loyal customers and their families? How big/manageable do I want this to be?
With those questions in mind you will be on the right track to planning your company picnic.
Part 1: Consider using an event invitation system such as Eventbrite or Eventjoy to manage your event and send it out via email. DO NOT USE FACEBOOK as your primary event management system. People often ignore their Facebook event requests and you won’t get a good turnout. You may use Facebook to give updates on the event such as entertainment, discuss topics such as potluck items etc.

#4 Planning (Organizers, location)

Depending on the size of your company and how many people are coming, you may need a company picnic committee to organize it. Consider getting one member from every department to assist, but keep it to a maximum of 4-6 people as you don’t want there to be too many hands in it and if they are organizing on company time, it would cost less with a smaller team. Have your committee choose a location off your property that has easy access, ample parking and proper accessibility. The last thing you want employees thinking of is work at this time.

#5 Food

It is a picnic after all! You have several options.
1)Cater your picnic– This is the best option for larger organizations where you don’t want to deal directly with having to organize the details of food such as prep, serving, clean up.
2) Book a food truck– These are all the rave these days and are great for outdoor events. Food trucks can either be catered or if you are on a budget have them sell their food on site.
3) Master Chef– Find someone or someones on your staff who are great at and love cooking for people. Of course you don’t want them to feel like it’s a work day, so keep this option for a small to mid sized organizations. Also, don’t forget to show your appreciation for helping out by giving them a special gift at the end of it all.
4) Potluck– The perfect option for a smaller business. Often done at Holiday Parties as with a smaller group this can be managed by that infamous Facebook group.
Snacks… as always, providing picnic food such as cotton candy, popcorn machines and snow cones is a staple to your event. If you are running a sports tournament or company movie night, having these essentials are key.

Note: Make sure to cater for all dietary concerns.

#6 Fun

Food goes hand in hand with the fun. Make sure to know your audience and have the appropriate activities for the different age demographics. Making your company picnic into a softball game? Try having a kids sports zone. Or try an obstacle course tournament where individuals and teams for best time and prizes. It’s a great way to build team spirit and have a blast.
Everyone is impressed by magic. Get an entertainer or impress with movie magic on an outdoor movie screen.

#7 Safety

This is an often overlook aspect to company picnics and just like your workplace, safety should always be first. Have a first aid kit on site. Delegate someone who has first aid training as day’s safety officer. Have an emergency plan. It can be as simple as call 911. Rent from Insured inflatable companies that meet TSSA requirements.
For outdoor events in summer, make sure to provide a hydration station, shaded areas via tent rentals and even providing sunblock.

#8 Backup Plans

In case of weather, have a back up plan to re-schedule or re-locate. If you have your event at a city park, there may be an arena nearby where you can move your activities into. Research these alternatives when looking into your event location. If you have rented tents, they can provide you the shelter you need from rain and intense sun.

#9 Memories

What is a picnic unless you have memories to go along with them? Make sure to capture these memories with a dedicated photographer. Preferably someone with experience in event coverage. As it isn’t always fair to have someone behind a camera all day and miss out on being in the pictures themselves. Hire a photographer. We recommend this event photographer.


July Fun Zones!

Looking for a place to play in July? Here’s your list of Niagara Inflatables FunZones around Southern Ontario for you to enjoy! As always there are inflatables and games on site. Have Fun!

July 1- Bronte Canada Day Celebrations

Come to Bronte Heritage Waterfont Park between Bronte and Nelson Street on Canada Day from 11 AM-8 PM. Lots of activities and fun, followed by fireworks! Put on by the Bronte BIA.

July 4-5- Ridgeway Days Festival

Ridgeway Days are back and Saturday and Sunday kids can enjoy the Niagara Inflatables FunZone. 307 Ridge Road, Ridgeway. Of course there are lots of craft vendors and food options along with mascots walking the street on Saturday.

Get more information on Ridgeway Days

July 4-5- FrancoFest

Bonjour! FrancoFest is happening in Hamilton with evening kick off on Friday July 3rd and Family Fun days with live entertainment at Gage Park on Saturday 4th and 5th from 2pm-11 and 1pm-10pm respectively. Besides Niagara Inflatables FunZone theres visual arts projects, puppet making and circus workshops for all all ages.

More about FrancoFest Hamilton

July 17-19- Lincoln Wing Ding

Where passion meets poultry and the blues leaves you breathless! Have some wings and listen to live music. Of course stop by the FunZone at Charles Daley Park, Jordan!

Wing Ding Website

July 17-19th – Hamilton World Music Festival

With more than 23 National and International bands, at Gage Park experience culture sounds from around the world. With craft vendors, beer garden, food vendors and of course the FunZone for kids.

View the Hamilton World Music Lineup

July 31-Aug 3- St. Catharines Rotary Ribfest

One of the most popular events in the Niagara Region, this 4 day St. Catharines festival wraps up July with Ribs, live music and Niagara Inflatables.

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