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    At Niagara Inflatables and Games, safety is our first priority. In Ontario, did you know that inflatables are governed by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA)? Any inflatable used at a public event must be TSSA licensed, set up by a TSSA trained mechanic employed by a TSSA certified company with TSSA mechanics on staff. Yes, it is quite a mouthful, but at Niagara Inflatables and Games, we take this very seriously. Public event is any event held by a municipality, festival, corporate, church, school or even a private party held at a public venue or having more than 100 guests.

    All events requiring TSSA certification and licensing are subject to a 25% TSSA fee. This helps cover the annual membership, and annual inspection of each inflatable, as well as the training and certification of our employees.

    It is easy to hire a company that does not know of TSSA rules, and that can put you at risk of liabilty in the case of an accident. Protect yourself as an event planner and protect your guests by taking the time to be sure a company is TSSA certified with TSSA licensed units. Ask to see their TSSA licence, be sure it is up to date, and most important, ask to see the TSSA certificate for each inflatable you wish to rent. They will look like our license and certificate below. If you have any questions on TSSA, you can TSSA toll free at 1-877-682-TSSA (8772), or give us a quick call and we would be happy to answer any questions.

    We carry 5 million dollars in liability insurance for your protection.


    We know insurance companies would prefer to stay away from the inflatable industry as there horror stories that come out of the United States and the United Kingdom. This is solely based on both countries not having the same governing body ensuring safe upkeep, set-up and operation of inflatable amusement devices. The Technical Safety Standards Authority (TSSA) annually inspect all inflatables for safety and require companies to have hundreds of hours of experience before signing them on for TSSA regulation to begin with. We have run into a few insurance companies who are happy to allow ‘non-TSSA’ inflatables at public events as they do not technically require the same amusement device insurance in Ontario.
    Non-TSSA Inflatables are categorized with the following following characteristics;
    A) Pads or mattresses that are used solely as a cushion to soften a fall. The surfaces are not intended to be used as part of the play surface, and therefore does not move the patron while performing the activity. Patrons may stand on the surface but the surface is not intended to be jumped or played upon.

    B) Concession-style games where patrons interact with the device from the adjacent ground but do not play inside the device. Examples: Pitching tents, football throws, golf swings
    C) Oversized inflatable board games such as chess, checkers or twister
    D) Mazes, tents, houses, or similar walk-through type devices without an inflated floor.
    E) Boundary fences for sporting events, miniature go-karts or tricycles, without an inflated floor  

    Some examples owned by Niagara Inflatables are:
    There are also insurance providers who do not make this distinction, and prefer to stay away from inflatables all together. For these companies we offer to name your organization(s) and event(s) as additionally insured under our $5 million dollar liability insurance. This is of course slightly more of a risk for Niagara Inflatables, but something we are totally comfortable offering after 16+ years of so many successful events, and such a great safety record! The only requirement we have in order for you to get additional insurance would be for you to hire one or more of our staff members to work the event so we can guarantee all TSSA guidelines are met and followed.